Anonymous members have a very interesting relationship with child porn. As "free speech advocates" they believe it is their duty to ensure that images depicting the sexual abuse of children are made freely available to perverts everywhere. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their sickening idolization of the "Pedophile Bear":

They are frequently seen dressed up in bear costumes, or proudly displaying badges proclaiming that they are "Pedobear Approved":

What makes the introduction of "Pedobear Plush" particularly disturbing is that they see nothing wrong with it. Any normal human being would repulsed by the notion of a helpless child being sodomized by a big hairy man in a bear suit. The very thought turns my stomach. However, Anonymous members are far from normal.

As FOX News describes them, they are "a bunch of antisocial, foul-mouthed, clever nerds who congregate at a largely unknown Web site called" I couldn't agree more. And what is even more twisted is that these very same PEDO-ENABLING "free-speech advocates" aggressively censor anyone who mentions their dirty little obsession.

While the mainstream media has picked up on Anonymous' cyber-terrorism, it's cyber-bullying, it's racism, it's anti-Semitism, and it's various hate crimes, it has failed to address Anonymous' proliferation of Child Porn and it's offensive black stereotyping. My intention as a blogger is to do my civic duty and enlighten the public about the degenerate losers who masquerade as "Internet Vigilantes," and to expose them as the child hating, vile, racist hate group that they are.

Tom Newton

ps- Although Anonymous has yet to provide evidence for the existence of a single African-American member, they openly encourage the attendance of little children at their hate rallies.